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Welfare Field

The Welfare Field (behind the Primary School) is the property of the Parish Council, held in trust for the Village.

The Council is responsible for the upkeep of the field and pays annually for its insurance and maintenance.

The grass is cut during the growing season by Tivoli in a contract paid for by the Parish Council.  Tivoli also undertake a weekly inspection of the play equipment and mark out the lanes for the School's annual Sports Day.

The play equipment is also subject to an annual safety review carried out by RoSPA.

In 2021 the existing play equipment was renovated and repainted. 

In 2022 additional play equipment which includes some inclusive equipment to enable disabled children to play alongside their able bodied peers, was installed.  The upgrading of the Play Area cost £73,000, all raised from grants and donations.

In Autumn 2022 a small copse of 30 saplings will be planted to celebrate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee.  Our thanks to The Woodland Trust for these.

Anyone wishing to hold an event on the Welfare Field should apply in writing to The Rev'd Judith Morgan, Parish Clerk, on:

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